Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Uh Oh by Gold Top (Stand Tall Fists Up Remix)

Big Dope P & Puto Prata - Beat Dat Bitch (Willy Joy Remix)

TNGHT - Acrylics (Donkongs Cowbell Remix)

CRNKN X ƱZ - Booty to the Ground (Lazerdisk Party Sex Remix)

Ha ha ha. Such a foolish song that you cant help but dance silly to this. Even the name is awesome. Looking forward to hearing more from "Lazerdisk Party Sex" Ha

Like A Pro (Yellow Claw Flames of the Dutch Lion Remix)

Bourke & Vegas - I'm Alive (MUST DIE! Remix)

Such a good remixh by Must Die!

At Dawn We Rage - Always Ahead

Great track with such a chill vibe, I am completely loving this track. ADWR has been on my list of artists to watch and they never disappoint and especially when its free. Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do. By the way, Sorry, Coachella weekend at a Hotel in Palm Springs is pretty hectic so I was a bit busy but im hoping to come back to this daily.  

FMLYBND - Electricity (Candyland Remix)

wow. such a good tune, loving the feel good vibe.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Can I Get A.. (Big Gigantic Remix)

Infuze - Get Enough

Heres a Huge! track, sweet Dubstep bass, sick Trap beat, epic disco style samples, really I cant "Get Enough", Ha. Im honestly really liking this track and ill admit im a fan of  this sorta newish trend to use Disco in electronic lately. Well what do you guys think?